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Lil Wayne Concert Hits San Jose

Posted in SHoWz n CoNCeRts on March 29th, 2009 by Luicidal

The boy who came into the game at the age of 14 has finally transformed himself into a self-made superstar. Dwayne Carter Jr aka Lil Wayne aka Lil Weezy aka Weezy F Baby aka Birdman Jr, hit the San Jose Arena on March 27th, 2009. Thousands showed up to watch the self-proclaimed “Best Rapper Alive”.

I never thought Wayne would be as big as he turned out to be. But, the young rapper sold well over 3 million records in 2008, and in today’s economic-crumble and download-torrent world, that is amazing. The last time I saw Wayne in concert he had absolutely no stage presence, and had about 100 other people on stage with him playing with their phones, taking pictures, and hollering at girls in the crowd. So I wasn’t expecting much at this show.

I arrived fashionably late towards the end of T-Pain’s performance, the man lip synced every single one of his songs. The T-Pain section of the concert wasn’t really a performance but more of a DJ playing songs, I couldn’t tell who was T-Pain on stage, the signature Monopoly man outfit was missing. I thought nothing of it, and kept it moving.

Then it was time for the headliner, Lil Wayne to hit the stage. The crowd of teeny boppers and and their parents went nuts for Lil Wayne as he hit the stage. Wayne’s people really stepped the game up for this tour, which featured pyrotechnics, a floating band with drums, pianos, and guitars, plus dancers. Wayne started things off with Mr. Carter, which was a nice start to the show, but contained a little too much Jay-Z sausage riding. After Mr. Carter, he hit the crowd with Got Money which features…T-Pain. So, here was my chance to investigate the whereabouts of T-Pain.

Lil Wayne continued to perform Got Money with another man on stage, no top hat. I continued to try to figure out what was going on here and then finally it hit me. That’s not T-Pain that’s Drake. Wayne’s new artist Drake had been playing T-Pain impostor the entire time! T-Pain had never even been in the building, T-Pain had never even done his set, T-Pain did not even step a foot in the city of San Jose!

I quickly hopped on my iPhone to figure out what the hell was going on. Within my mobile Wi-Fi 3G magical digital widget crazed application filled device, I realized the truth… T-Pain could not make the San Jose leg of the tour due to him being in a golf cart accident!

I remember Kanye West being involved in his car accident which wired his jaw. Biggie being in a car accident which forced him to walk with a cane. Pimp C overdosing on syrup. Ol’ Dirty Bastard overdosing on cocaine and heart medication. But a damn golf cart accident? That’s not the business.

So after realizing the entire crowd was duped for their 60 plus dollars per seat was taken, the show seemed somewhat of a rip off. I continued to watch the show and attempted to have a good time. Wayne continued with his performance sticking to the multi-million selling album Carter 3 script, he performed songs such as “La La”, “Mrs. Officer”, “Phone Home”, “Misunderstood”, and “Shoot Me Down”. Then he broke into a intimate set where he performed the mixtape hit dedicated to Miami’s Trina “Prostitute Flange” and The Game’s single “My Life”.

After that he brought out his entire crew on stage and their performed shitty songs about “fucking everyone girl in the world”. He wasted entirely too much time on these guys, to which nobody cared about. Where the hell is T-Pain? At the end of the group performance they all took a group picture to which then Wayne jumped into Drake’s arms like a bride hopping into a grooms arms and posed, something like this…


It was very strange but the show continued. Lil Wayne then changed outfits and went into his newest single “Prom Queen” and followed that up with the smash hit “Lollipop”. After that he left to the stage to which the crowd demanded an encore, when they should have demanded their money back.

Wayne then returned to the stage by coming up from under the stage on a platform and closed the show with his biggest song “A Millie”. After that the show was done at a late 10:30pm.

Overall, this show was a complete rip-off. Wayne attempted to focus on the Carter 3 but forgot songs such as “Comfortable”, “Tie My Hands”, and “Let The Beat Build”. He performed no songs from the prior Carters, only “Go DJ” and that’s it. No Cash Money joints at all, no “Bling Bling”, no “Back Dat Azz Up”, no “Block Is Hot”, no “Numba 1 Stunna, no “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” and no “Make It Rain”. And most important of all no T-Wayne!! There was no “I Can’t Believe It”, no “Got Money”, no “Turnin’ Me On”, no “Flight School”, and no “I’m On a Boat”.

So if you missed the show you didn’t miss much. But hey, Lil Wayne thanked us and told us he loved us.


Posted in SHoWz n CoNCeRts on July 22nd, 2008 by Luicidal

Thursday night, June the 19th 2008, we partied like it was 1980 up at Slim’s in San Francisco. Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy came thru the Bay Area to perform live in concert, along with Beardo. The show was scheduled to start at 9pm. I didn’t want to be the first kid at the dance, ya feel me? So we showed up at around 11pm. Although it was 2 hours past the beginning of show time, we still didn’t miss the headliners.

When we got into the club Beardo was on stage performing. Now this guys is nuts. Beardo was on stage without a shirt on, big curly 70’s afro, and a strong handlebar mustache. He was doing some Rock/Electro type music, but he did it real big, straight rock star style. If you don’t know who Beardo is, google this guy.

While waiting for headliners, the place got packed. I was already in front of the stage, but people started pushing like crazy. There was madd drunk fools everywhere fighting, I attempted to keep the peace, which worked a little bit.

Finally Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy hit the stage. Dirt Nasty was rocking a gold chain of course and Legacy was spoting his puffy fro with a baseball cap. They began dropping their hits, exchanging songs back and forth. They did songs like Baby Dick, On A Bender, Cracker Ass Fantastic, Mondrian, and Droppin’ Names. Dirt Nasty also did his Too Short tribute. Although these guys are straight outta Hollywood now, Dirt Nasty makes sure to represent his Oakland roots.

During the middle of the performance more fights broke out. One guy in front of the stage began pushing a group of girls, one girl responded by pouring a Corona all over dude’s head, whoa. Security came and took that fool out with a quickness. But it was all love, the crowd definitely had the bud in the air.

To close the show, Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy performed 1980 and the Mickey Avalon hit My Dick. The stage was packed with people dancing and the crowd was singing along to the lyrics. It was a live party up in Slim’s. So aside from the fights, it was a dope ass show and a good time.

Shouts out to Dirty Nasty, Andre Legacy, and Beardo.


Posted in SHoWz n CoNCeRts on July 21st, 2008 by Luicidal

May 31st 2008, Zion I performed at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California. I was in the building for this one. After enjoying some sushi over in Campbell at Michi’s Sushi, I finally decided to take the trip over the hill into Santa Cruz. I arrived at The Catalyst at around 11:45pm.

I missed almost all the opening acts but did catch the end of the Pep Love show. He put it down for the Hieroglyphics family. I also saw the Bayliens around there in the crowd, their energetic shows are dope, too bad I missed them. I’ll catch them June 29th at the Voodoo Lounge in downtown San Jose.

The venue seemed to be a little more than half full as I took a walk around. Now remember, this was a 16 and over event, but never in my life had I seen so many little kids smoking cigarettes. It was like a junior high dance sponsored by Marlboro. But this is all they can get into, so I can’t hate. I just made sure those little shits stayed out of my way as I headed over to the 21 and over bar area, holla.

Around 12:30am, Zion I took the stage. Amplive started off by playing various beats on his drum machine. He is a beat making beast. After that, they went into all their classics, including one of my favorite songs “Bird’s Eye View” to which they showed pictures of various Hip Hop emcees on the big screen behind them.

They also performed tracks off the Heroes In The City of Dope album, which is the duo album with The Grouch of Living Legends. Unfortunately, Grouch wasn’t scheduled to be at this portion of the Freshcoast Tour. So in his replacement they had an emcee named Duece rap his own verses for The Grouch’s parts. I felt that this was not needed. The audience couldn’t even understand Duece and it took away some of the energy within the show.

Also, there was some douche bag in the upper 21 and over rows who was shit-faced out of his mind. He threw his shirt on stage and continued to scream at Zion to wear his t-shirt. Finally, towards the end of the show, Zion said “I’m gonna wear this shirt or else this muhfucka won’t shut up.” Zion put the shirt on and it looked like some hyphy bullshit you find at Shirtique in Eastridge mall. Message to that loud mouth, if you ever read this sir, you are an asshole.

Moving on, Zion I performed the track they did with the late great Mac Dre. Although this track was made after Mac Dre’s death and used old Dre vocals, it is still a dope track and it got the crowd rowdy. One white boy in the front row was going into seizures doing thizz facing and wilding out, that was funny. Mac Dre must be laughing in his grave.

To close the show Zion had Amplive come from behind the beat machine to the front of the stage to accompany him while he freestyled. Amp brought along with him his Playstation Portable. And leave it to Amp, he began making beats for the freestyle session on the actual PSP! That is what I have a picture of up above.

Overall, it was a good show and it was nice to party in a city that isn’t overrun by bitch ass cops. This is just one of my many shows that I will continue to post on here.



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The Jacka of the Mob Figaz came out to perform in downtown San jose over at the Voodoo Lounge. The doors opened at 9pm, I decided to roll by my cousins house first. (Shouts out to Club 505 whut!) So we started things off with a few shots of Don Julio, then we rolled over to the Voodoo Lounge around 10:30pm.

There we a line, but it wasn’t too bad. Once we got in, we were treated to performances from many local rappers from the Bay Area and San Jose. The performances were entertaining, some artists stood out more than others. I don’t recall most of their names but I remember Stik Gillotine was up there. It was also nice to see one of our own KSJS DJs Audio Dru on the 1’s and 2’s for the show.

I noticed on the set list it said that Jacka would not be performing until 12:30am. So we had some time to kill, and when you have time to kill, you get some drinks. Finally after chillin for over an hour, it was time for the Jack to hit the stage. The place was packed by then, I’m pretty sure the club hit capacity level. Jacka performed well, and put it down for the Mob. He performed old hits like Get On Out There, Barney, Really Dope, and Girls Say, to new shit like All Over Me, Aspen, and I Try from the Devilz Rejectz album. Ampachine came out to do his verse for the Devilz Rejectz tracks. Also, we noticed that Cellski was on stage, but he did not perform any tracks. My cousin kept yelling for Cellski to dopr a verse but to no avail. Jacka also shouted me out in the crowd a few times, the usual stuff. Overall, it was a good show, definitely worth the 10 bucks.