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Still Dre Day…

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Locksmith’s Top 5 MC’s

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Elzhi Prepares To Drop “ELmatic”

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To say that Elzhi’s “ELmatic” has been a labor of love would be an understatement. The idea was first broached years ago by DJ House Shoes and discussed and bandied about incessantly since.  Though the concept was unrealized for what seemed like ages; years went by, life got in the way, recording and touring with Slum Village got in the way and as more time passed, desperate fans continued to wait (albeit impatiently) for news and updates on the project.

Well, at last, the long wait is over, as Elzhi has finally completed “ELmatic” and the long-wait fans endured will prove to be well-worth it, as Elzhi will release the project for free on 5-10-2011 on his own site; the LP is being released for free by Elzhi as a dedication to his fans for their patience.

Nas tributes have been done before, but it’s safe to say, never in the manner in which Elzhi attacks it. “ELmatic” is a game-changing effort on a few different levels, not only is it genre-defying, but it finds Elzhi in his lyrical prime and rather then expressing himself over Nas’ original instrumentals, Elzhi enlisted the famous Detroit ensemble Will Sessions (a six-piece band who has cultivated a reputation in the Detroit area for being able to meticulously replay Nas’ instrumentals from scratch and who produced the endeavor) and recorded the entire project with only live-instrumentation, which gives the project an undeniably plush and unique sound and dare we say even adds an updated flair to the original’s hall-of-fame lineup of producers.  These new flourishes can be heard as Will Sessions add even more instrumental interludes (sometimes mid-track) and over special drops from artists such as Pete Rock and DJ House Shoes. While guest features are sparse, Royce 5’9 and Mint Condition’s Stokely both grace “Life’s A Bitch” and Amp Fiddler plays keyboards on “The World is Yours”.

While immersing himself into the recording of “ELmatic,” Elzhi underwent a series of professional and personal struggles that have made this project even more gratifying for him. After a nearly decade long stint as a member of the beloved group Slum Village and numerous hit singles (including “Selfish” f/Kanye West and John Legend and “Tainted” f/Dwele ) in July of 2010 Elzhi was forced to re-start his solo career after discovering a variety of unfair business practices by Slum Village’s record label and T3. These professional and personal trails and tribulations are certainly an audible under-current on “ELmatic,” as it gives the project that much more urgency and edge; and undisputable air of rebirth.

With the support of his new management by music executive and artist manager Jae Barber of The JAE.B Group and Will Sessions “ELmatic” is finally completed. With his new website and a once again flourishing solo career fans can anticipate a newly reinvigorated Elzhi and one who is anxious to share his talents with the world.

DL link to Elzhi’s “Detroit State Of Mind”:

“ELmatic” will be available for Download on 5.10.11 at ELZHI.COM

Lupe Fiasco – Lasers (The Review)

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Before I rip into Lupe Fiasco’s latest offering, I must first say that I am a big fan of his prior work. I enjoyed the FnF mixtapes, Revenge of the Nerds was in my deck for months. I loved Food & Liquor, I even own the unreleased version of the album. I was a great supporter of The Cool, and still bump it from time to time.

The hype for Lasers was big, Lupe’s next album was supposed to be his last. Originally the title for the album was LupEND singling the end of a career. Then we heard that the Friend of the People mixtape was dropping, then we heard the big news that Lasers was NEVER coming out.

Lupe’s career came to a standstill and angry fans protested against Atlantic records. Finally, an agreement was reached and a release date for Lasers was set. We received a great commercial single with The Show Goes On and the stage was set for Lupe Fiasco to drop another classic album.

Unfortunately, we were presented with a steam heapy pile of peaches and skeet known as Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers. So now pause with me, as I break it down…

Track 1, Letting Go (feat. Sarah Green)…

Sarah Green has worked with Lupe before, most famously on the Paris Tokyo Remix. As the song starts the beat is acceptable then a weak ass intro/chorus hits you with “oooh oooh oooh.” I feel like I have been hit with a cereal commercial for Honey Bunches of Oh’s. Then comes the verses, Lupe sells out and spits with a voice filter ala Kanye West speaking thru a megaphone, that was played out on Runaway, it should never be heard again. Such a sad excuse for an intro. Moving on…

Track 2, Words That I Should Have Said (feat. Skylar Grey)…

Oh Skylar Grey, you we’re great on Recovery. This track sounds like a damn carbon copy of I Need A Doctor by Dr. Dre and Eminem and that track was a carbon copy of The Way You Lie by Eminem and Rihanna. The beat is boring and the hook is played. I see a trend here for Lupe, PLAYED, DATED, TRENDY.

Track 3, Til I Get There…

Now this is what I’m talking about. This track sounds like it could be on Food n Liquor or The Cool. The beat is on point on some chill music, very similar to Paris Tokyo but in a good way, furthermore I can put this along side Kick Push. Lupe does his own chorus which is dope. The lyrics are on par. This is the first good track on the entire LP. Props. “The world is so cold, I’m glad I brought these skis.”

Track 4, I Don’t Care Right Now (feat. MDMA)…

Electro time! This track reminds me of the of horror which of that was this year’s Super Bowl half time show. Black Eyed Peas. Did Will I Am produce this track? Because it has Fergie queef written all over it. MDMA is a fake remake of Akon mixed with a little swamp butt. This track is horrible. This is the type of music that made people jump out of the World Trade Center windows to their untimely deaths.

Track 5, Out Of My Head (feat. Trey Songz)…

Sad attempt at a ladies love jam? I think so. Overall, it is an average track, has a very catchy beat. I can hear this being played on commercial stations. Lupe actually comes legit on the verses and Trey does his usual thing. Just doesn’t seem to fit with Lupe’s style, over use of synth as well.

Track 6, The Show Goes On…

One of the best tracks of 2011. Kane Beatz delivers on the beat with the Modest Mouse sample. Great video, overall a dope song. Those of you that know me, know this is my theme song. Lyrics are fresh and flow smoothly, plus substance. Funny, how Lupe said he hated making this song when in the song he is actually talking about his problems with Atlantic. No matter what happens, the show goes on. Great single.

Track 7, Beautiful Lasers (2Ways) (feat. MDMA)…

What in the deuce is this guy thinking? MDMA again? Immediately you are ear molested by MDMA’s crappy voice over electro wannabe beats. This crap sounds like it belongs in a bad trance rave, everytime the chorus hits I want to stab MDMA with a spoon. It’s bad enough this guy is named after a drug better known as ectasy. Wow, you’re coal braaah. Worst song on the album.

Track 8, Coming Up (feat. MDMA)…

I better not catch MDMA on the streets… wait a second, this song is actually good. Beat is a head nodder, Lupe flows nicely spitting fresh lyrics. Oh wait, the chorus hit, nevermind. Overall, this is an average track, MDMA tried on the chorus, it is acceptable. This is more of Lupe’s style. I guess Will I Am wasn’t available this day.

Track 9, State Run Radio (feat. Matt Mahaffey)…

Who’s this Pharrell? Oh never mind Travis Barker with the craptastic wannabe rock beat. This track I gave special attention to since it is discussing radio. My radio station and DJ’s supported Lupe throughout his entire career, and he served us a nice plate of hot cherry poop juice. Lupe fails on the lyrics on this one. Interesting fact, when Lupe was asked in a RADIO interview recently what his next move was, he said he was going to move to Africa and make rock music. Please dont, Blink 182 got you homie.

Track 10, Break The Chain (feat. Eric Turner and Sway)…

Is this Sway from the Wake Up Show?? OMG!!! Oh never mind its a unknown rapper with the same name who raps with an accent. When listening to this song I am reminded of Black Box from the 90’s and Rhythm Is A Dancer by Snap! Learn you 90’s history or google it trick.

Track 11, All Black Everything…

Not sure how I feel about naming a track after a Jay-Z line. Jay made it a hot line, Lupe made it a hot song. Nothing bad to say about this song. Lupe came legit with every single verse. The beat knocks and remains unique with the opera voice in the background, nice track. Once again Lupe should stick to doing his own choruses. *Bravo* Peep his Rat Pack line, tis true…

Track 12, Never Forget You (feat. John Legend)…

What is with 12 track albums now? We went from Double CDs to 18 track LPs, to 12 track albums, we are almost EP status. Anyways, great track to end the album. It is like the ending credits rolling thru the album. John Legend delivers, we would expect nothing less. Lupe is at his best when he delivers emotion filled memory trip raps. This is a stand out from the album, Lupe at his best.

So that’s it! That’s my Lupe review. I think many songs were left off this album due to Atlantic Records, so I don’t blame him. He is still on my top 5 emcees in the game now. What happened to the track You Can Go To Sleep? I guess the label didn’t approve. Lupe is one of our most talented artists in the rap game, why would you put him a box to do trendy hipster music? The man himself was hating on his own album on twitter, yet it is number 1 on iTunes this week. I guess bullshit sells. Keep making great music Lupe, and they can go to sleep.

Reks Assembles Dream Team Of Producers

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Before the Grey Hairs, REKS was just a teenager who fell in love with the Hip-Hop movement. Little did he know, one day he would experience working with and alongside some of those legendary hip-hop icons. Born Corey Isiah Christie in Lawrence, Massachusetts, August 24th, 1977, REKS practically grew up with Hip-Hop. He first embraced the culture by becoming a break-dancer with Funk Town Connection (FTC), competing all over the city of Lawrence, Massachusetts. The legendary Rap styles of KRS-One, Slick Rick, and Ice Cube inspired him to pick up the mic and he started writing rhymes at a very young age. Soon thereafter, REKS began gaining notoriety in his hometown through cipher battles and memorable stage performances. After high school, REKS enrolled at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. With a “Kanye West” drive and mentality, REKS decided to drop out of college after one year to pursue his dream and music career full-time.

REKS took the underground scene by storm with his debut LP, Along Came The Chosen (2001). The album featured production from his ex-classmates Soul Searchers, Fakts One, and a then 18-year old Statik Selektah. The album also featured collaborations with underground stalwarts including Pace-Won & Young Zee of the Outsidaz, 7L & Esoteric, J-Live EDO. G and MSC group members Lucky Dice and Chi Knox. The critically acclaimed LP was nominated for Best Hip-Hop Album & Artist of the Year at The Boston Music Awards and was featured in the Source, XXL, Vibe, and URB Magazine’s “Next 100”. The album’s single “Skills 101” reached #45 on the Billboard Singles chart, putting him on shows and tours with The Clipse, Ghostface Killah, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Redman, De La Soul, Method Man, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Boot Camp Click, JR Writer and one of his idols KRS-One.

After releasing several mixtapes in the interim, REKS finally released his highly anticipated sophomore LP, Grey Hairs, in 2008 and it saw him once again team up with his former DJ, longtime friend, Statik Selektah who served as the projects Executive Producer and the momentous album featured production from DJ Premier, Large Professor, DC The Midi Alien and ten-tracks from Statik and featured collaborations with Lil Fame of MOP, Consequence, Skyzoo, Termanology, Jon Hope and Big Shug. Grey Hairs firmly established REKS as one of the top rising Indy artists as it is considered an underground classic and it lead to REKS being profiled by XXL Magazine in their “Show & Prove” section.  In early 2009, REKS released the companion piece More Grey Hairs, appeared on Statik Selektah’s Spell My Name Right: The Album and released two more mixtapes (In Between The Lines Series Vol’s 1 & 2 which were hosted by Statik Selektah/DJ Green Lantern and DJ Ill Will respectively) and both mixtapes garnered thousands of downloads and widespread praise.

REKS now sets out to take the next step in his progression with what promises to be an instant classic, with his third LP, R.E.K.S (Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme), which is scheduled to be released on March 8th, 2011 on Showoff/Brick Records.

The LP lists such notable legends as DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Hi Tek, Alchemist, Nottz, Sha Money XL, Sean C & LV, Fizzy Womack and the ever present Statik Selektah contributing production; and newcomers Blaze P and Mike Frey join in for this classic as well.  Throw in highlight tracks with Styles P, Freeway, Termanology, Lil Fame, Atticabarz and DJ Corbet and you have the recipe for another instant classic!

REKS has already set things in motion for R.E.K.S. with the recent leak of a radio-rip of the LP’s buzz-single, “25th Hour,” (produced by DJ Premier) which has found its way to every corner of the Internet.

The Year of the Showoff continues…..

Tracklisting and credits for REKS “Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme”:

  1. “25th Hour” (produced by DJ Premier)
  2. “Thin Line” (produced by Pete Rock)
  3. “Limelight” (produced by Nottz)
  4. “Kill Em” (produced by Sean C & LV)
  5. “This Or That” (produced by Statik Selektah)
  6. “Why Cry” f/ Styles P (produced by The Alchemist)
  7. “Face Off” f/ Termanology (produced by Sha Money XL)
  8. “The Wonder Years” (produced by Hi Tek)
  9. “This Is Me” f/ DJ Corbet (produced by Mike Frey)
  10. “Mr. Nobody” (produced by Statik Selektah)
  11. “The Underdog” (produced by Blaze P)
  12. “U Know” f/ Freeway (produced by Hi Tek)
  13. “Cigarettes” f/ Lil Fame of M.O.P. & Atticabarz (produced by Fizzy Womack)
  14. “Mascara” (The Ugly Truth) (produced by Statik Selektah)
  15. “Like A Star” (produced by Statik Selektah)
  16. “Self Titled (produced by Statik Selektah) –bonus track