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Smearing The Campaign, Debate Goes Down Tonight

Posted in PoLiTiCs n TriCkiN on October 7th, 2008 by Luicidal

We are exactly four weeks away from the 2008 presidential election, now it is the time when things get nasty. Reminder to all you kiddies out there who aren’t registered to vote, step your game up and get registered. This is one of the most important elections of our time, the last day to register to vote is October 20th, 2008. So let’s get free.

Get ready for your 2008 presidential debate brought to you by Burger King, sponsored by MTV, with free McCain and Obama coffee cups at your local 7/11. Commercial as hell, but whatever, let’s get free.

Now it is time when both sides will pull out the big guns against each other. After watching last week’s debate with Sarah Palin and Joe Bieden, I am shocked that people can still take the McCain/Palin ticket seriously. The woman avoided almost all questions and rambled on about nothing at times, yet people still support this ridiculous crap.

For example, watch this clown ass trick on the View…

Shouts out to Matt Hasselbeck, you got yourself a good one dawg, simp.

Moving on, I found it almost amusing when Palin accused Barack Obama of being a terrorist due to his affiliation with William Ayers. Guilty by association it seems. Maybe we should accuse McCain of being a terrorist since he’s friends with George W. Bush, my favorite terrorist of them all.


Obama was 8 years old when Ayers admitted to his crimes. Ayers works at the University of Chicago as a professor now, I guess his students are terrorists too. But anyways, let’s get free.

I enjoyed Obama’s response to the accusations by the McCain camp, you can peep it here….

Turns out the good ole maverick McCain has a couple scandals under his belt as well.

You can peep the whole thing summed up here…

Overall, there is a point to today’s post besides get out and vote for Obama and McCain is a chump, you know I had to come on the music tip as well…

DJ Z-TRIP recently made an Obama mixtape, featuring some really dope tracks to support the Senator. You can download it here and bump that shit…..


And I’m out for now…

Do not let these racist chumps hoodwink you, brainwash you, watch what you’re watching, let’s get free!