Michael Jackson on Death Row Records


In 1997 Tommy D was hired by Michael Jackson’s team via Worlds End Management to produce a remix for ‘Is It Scary’. Sony gave him the acapella. The goal was for the remix to have the Death Row sound.
While Tommy D was working on the remix, 5 armed people burst into the studio (The Enterprise in Burbank, CA) tied him up with the staff and Carl “Butch” Small (percussionist at Death Row Records) then robbed all the synthesizers, drum machine and bass.
MJ’s team stayed quiet about this event because they didn’t want negative publicity. The next day Tommy D had a session planned with KoRn but didn’t have his equipment anymore. Snoop Dogg heard about the incident and gave Tommy D a $5000 check to help him.

Credits: Michael Jackson, Tommy D Daugherty, Carl Butch Small, Craig Erickson


Michael Jackson – Is It Scary (Tommy D Remix) (CLICK ME)

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  1. Electric Lady Says:

    i still got your rose.

  2. Guess Who Says:

    This is a blatant lie. All of it. I personally know Carl ‘Butch’ Small and he told me everything about the studio robbery and meeting MJ. He said MJ stood in a corner once, and and said ‘Hi’ to him in a high pitched voice and that was his MJ story… He had no dealings with him what so ever, and the robbery had nothing to do with MJ tracks.

    It’s amazing what a criminal will do to capitalize on MJ after MJ is gone and cannot confirm or deny allegations.

    This is all true and I swear to Almighty God!

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